OEM/ODM Skin Care Body Lotion Pearl Milk Nourishing Body Cream 200ml

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: QBEKA
Model Number: 200ml
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Minimum Order Quantity: 3000
Price: 2.7USD-3.7USD Per Bottle
Packaging Details: box/carton
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal,Alipay
Supply Ability: 100000PCS/Month

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Place of Origin China Brand Name QBEKA
Certification FDA,GMPC,ISO22716,SGS,CPSR,CPNP,REACH,MSDS,COA Model Number 200ml
Delivery Time: 5-8 Days Certifications: FDA,GMPC,ISO22716,SGS,CPSR,CPNP,REACH,MSDS,COA
Service: ODM&OEM Market: Global
Package: Box Type: Body Cream
Fragrance: Customized Accepted Function: Moisturizer Nourishing,Whitening Skin
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ODM Skin Care Body Lotion


Nourishing Body Cream 200ml


200ml Skin Care Body Lotion

Product Description

QBEKA Pearl Milk Nourishing Body Cream



Product Name
QBEKA Pearl Milk Nourishing Body Cream
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QBEKA(or as your request)

Moisturize And Nourish Skin, Make Skin Tender And Smooth.

Shelf Life
3 Years
Skin care product, Bio product, Cosmetic
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union,Paypal,Alipay


Product Description:

Body lotion is a skin care cosmetic that supplements and moisturizes the skin surface. You can add appropriate "efficacy" ingredients according to skin problems, such as simple moisturizing and moisturizing, whitening and whitening spots, wrinkling and anti-aging, you can choose moisturizers according to different skin problems of different ages. Body milk contains relatively little oil or is added to some light oil, the appearance is a flowing liquid. The moisture content is sufficient, the role is to moisturize and moisturize, especially it has a good moisturizing effect. Body lotion is lighter, lighter and easier to apply.




Pearl Powder, Milk, Nicotinamine, Hyaluronic Acid




After taking a bath, the skin is comfortable, warm, pores in the "open" state, you can pour the right amount of body milk in the palm, starting from the face, evenly spread the whole body, you can also gently pat, to help absorption.




1. Do not apply body lotion to areas with wounds

Do not apply body lotion on the skin if there is a wound. Avoid reapplying it in this area. If the body lotion is applied to the wound, it will feel painful and even stimulate the wound inflammation.


2, different parts of the dosage and usage need attention

The skin condition of different parts of the body is not the same, so the amount of use is also different, dry parts need more moisture, you can wipe more when applying, especially the elbow and knee position. People with chicken skin should rub more body milk, which can relieve the symptoms of chicken skin.


3. Apply at any time as needed

Everyone's body skin may have different water shortage conditions, such as sun exposure, blowing air conditioning for a long time, staying up late and waiting for overtime will cause skin water shortage in different situations, this time to carry a bottle of body milk is very necessary, you can replenish water to the skin in time when the skin is short of water, to prevent water loss.




Moisturizing and nourishing: The pearl powder and a variety of plant extracts in the pearl milk nourish the body milk have a very good moisturizing and nourishing effect, which can effectively improve the skin dry, rough, loose and other problems, making the skin more delicate, smooth and firm.
Whitening and light spots: Pearl milk nourishes body milk has the effect of whitening and light spots, can reduce skin melanosis, lighten skin tone, make skin more bright and moving.
Nourishing skin: Pearl Milk Nourishing Body Lotion can provide adequate nutrition and moisture for skin, improve skin dry, rough, loose and other problems, make skin more healthy and elastic.
Firming skin: The ingredients in Pearl Milk Nourishes Body Lotion promote the production of skin collagen, making skin firmer and more elastic.
Prevent skin aging: The ingredients in Pearl Lotion Nourish Body Lotion can enhance the antioxidant capacity of the skin, prevent skin aging, and keep the skin young and healthy.
Soothing skin: Pearl Milk Nourishes body milk has the effect of soothing skin, can reduce skin sensitivity, redness, itching and other problems, so that the skin.




1, after each use, be sure to tighten the cap, so as not to enter the bacteria.

2, placed in a cool and irritable environment, can not be stored in the bathroom, wash basin and other warm and humid environment, easy to derive harmful substances.

3, if conditions, can be stored in the refrigerator. Because at low temperatures, bacteria are difficult to produce, and the shelf life will become longer. But do not take it in and out frequently, the sharp fluctuations in temperature will make it hot and cold, and the texture is easy to be destroyed.



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